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1. What is LIBERTYData.net ?
2. What does LIBERTYData.net offer?
3. I need to match thousands of names or addresses. Can you help with this?
4. Is LIBERTYData.net an official US government agency?
5. Where does your data come from?
6. How do I access LIBERTYData.net’s databases?
7. How much does it cost?
8. I forgot my password. Can I get it sent to me?
9. Do you offer Free Trials?
10. How often is your data updated?
11. How do I open an account?

[Q 1]
What is LIBERTYData.net?

LIBERTYData.net is leading provider of high quality identity verification and risk management tools for banking professionals, investigators, collectors etc.

[Q 2]
What does LIBERTYData.net offer?

LIBERTYData.net offers access to its databases to industry professionals who must qualify to use the service. These databases provide consumer and business information to collectors, bankers, private investigators, corporate investigators, insurance industry investigators,   skiptracers, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, collection agencies,   debt buyers, attorneys and paralegals, etc, to manage risks and locate assets, individuals and businesses. Register today

[Q 3]
I need to match thousands of names and addresses. Can you help with this?

Absolutely. We offer customized services to clients with high volume matching requirements. In fact many large corporations take advantage of our "Batch Match" program. This service allows you to provide us with a text based file which we run against our database. We append the information you are looking for and return the file to you, often within 24 hours.

We offer fully customized solutions designed to meet your needs. For more information on our high volume "Batch Match" service please email or call us at 800-299-8280 (M-F 9am-5pm EST) and we will be glad to assist you.

We also offer direct access to our data. You can now seamlessly access our massive risk management and investigative data portal from your own software applications. Our XML-based web service technology allows you to integrate real-time data directly into your applications.

We will provide your IT department with all the necessary documentation and specifications in order for your software application to retrieve the information needed.

For more information on this feature or to discuss your requirements please call us directly at 800-299-8280 (M-F 9am-5pm EST).

[Q 4]
Is LIBERTYData.net an official US government agency?

No. We are a private entity and are not affiliated with any US government agency or State agency.

We may be reached at 800-299-8280 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm EST).

Our mailing address is
Liberty Data, Inc.
PO Box 353159,
Palm Coast, FL 32135
United States

[Q 5]
Where does your data come from?

Our records are compiled from numerous U.S. government, state and private resources. We are constantly adding new records to our database as they become available to ensure we continue to have the most up-to date and accurate information.

[Q 6]
How do I access LIBERTYData.net’s databases?

Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a User ID and password to access our databases.  The Application can be found at:https://www.realsearch.com/register.asp

[Q 7]
How much does it cost?

We have a variety of pricing options, from pay-per-search to flat-rate subscriptions. Before creating your account, our experienced professionals will be pleased to review your particular business needs and help you determine the most cost-efficient way to use our services.

[Q 8]
I forgot my password. Can I get it sent to me?

Yes. Go to the following page and enter the email address you registered with.

If you need further assistance please go to our contact page and submit a request. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact Us - http://www.libertydata.net/contact_us.asp

[Q 10]
How often is your data updated?

Most of our databases are updated weekly or monthly, and some are updated daily. When we add new records to a database, we keep the old information, making our data much more comprehensive.

[Q 11]
How do I open an account?

A completed and approved application is required. Go to our website, print and sign the application form and the agreement and return them to us. You can either mail a check or use a credit card for the initial deposit. Clients in good standing who desire to be approved for direct billing are welcomed to fill out our credit application.

Please contact us today for more information, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. E.S.T.  Our phone numbers are: Tel 800-299-8280.

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